Air of personal superior

July 5, 2018
By Gabriela Mora (Close Group)

With two decades in the Costa Rican market, the MultiFRIO company has based its leadership on quality and innovation, plus investment in training for its employees.

This initiative creates a career map for each person who collaborates with the company. From there, they are encouraged to study through scholarships, various subsidies, flexible schedules, telecommuting, for certain days that need to go to classes, among other options. For this, thousands of hours a year are invested in different internal and external training in the company, in addition to the participation of employees in formal study centers. "The acquisition of learning and development of" Soft "skills such as emotional communication, customer orientation, teamwork, and other skills, are important for the professional enrichment of our employees, as well as enrich their employability and personal improvement," says Salo Ponchner General Manager of MultiFRIO.

Thanks to this program, a large number of collaborators have achieved university degrees in careers with Administration, Engineering, Administration in Sales Management, Drawing, Architecture, Public Accounting, Logistics, Purchasing, Human Resources, Production Finance, Social Networks,
Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and a large number of technical specialties, such as welding, refrigeration, count to mention a few.

The manager strongly believes that once companies have financial control, a business strategy and a cash flow projection, a primary issue that must be addressed is that of the staff. In this case, the talent that companies require to be successful and preparation plays a fundamental role.

“We will strengthen the initiatives to train these young people because we know they can become great entrepreneurs, leaders or public figures tomorrow”

Parallel to this work, since 2010 the company decided to invest about US $ 30,000 per year in the program by undertaking with MultiFRIO, aimed at schools, colleges and universities in the province of Alajuela. The initiative consists of providing motivational talks to students on topics such as entrepreneurship and personal finance, as well as general topics such as study importance, and self-improvement.

According to Ponchner, these initiatives aim to create a culture of self-improvement in the community, stimulating the idea of ​​not only remaining as employees, but also aiming at economic freedom and risk taking, they also want students to discover how to create projects that can are collected within other entities of the region.

MultiFRIO has made the professional development programs of its employees an essential axis within the business business, which has allowed it to be the market leader.

26,000 projects, 800 collaborators and 70 engineers and technicians specialized in air conditioning and intelligent control systems.