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Plaza Murano

Tons of refrigeration: 
Tons: 500

Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems is a very modern technology that is nowadays used all over the world to avoid electrical peeks when the equipment starts up. It includes a set of electronic valves and sensors that will send immediate electrical signals to the compressor so that is behaves as an “intelligent machine” and adjusts immediately to real working conditions. Some of the advantages of this newer technologies are: electrical savings, to avoid electrical peeks at start up time, quietness, 100% comfort since both heat and humidity are precisely controlled. Also, they use les space for outdoor and indoor units, and provide maximum flexibility for the design.

Ventilation and Extraction Systems

These systems help to inject fresh air or to extract dirty air from different areas such as bathroom areas, kitchens, parking lots, and so forth. International standards are used for the design of ventilation systems. These systems are also needed to avoid the “sick syndrome” in buildings.