Gians of Central America

July 5, 2018


This company specialized in air conditioners, ventilation, heating and control and automation systems is committed to technology to provide the best service.

The in-house development of different softwares allows your work team to have portability and mobility. Each of its engineers and technicians have tablets that facilitate communication with corporate systems to resolve immediately, issues of design, maintenance, urgent repairs and equipment replacement, among others.

GROW 30% IN 2016-2017

In addition, it is introducing solutions to integrate complete and centralized floors or buildings remotely. Your Project Management specialists help your clients to program and optimize their projects during execution and their Service Pro program provides maintenance services to ensure the correct operation and efficiency of the equipment.

In the future, it will introduce new refrigerants that do not affect the ozone layer, nor contribute to the greenhouse effect and will accompany its customers with energy efficiency systems to reduce electricity consumption and make their operations more sustainable.


• They have the Smart Investmente, Cool Desing, and Energy Efficiency programs, designed to help their clients in projects from a technical point of view, with the most advanced standards in the United States, Japan and Europe.
• 24-hour call center for customer service.
• Personnel in permanent training is the largest company in air conditioners in Central America and the Caribbean according to the Rankin of the specialized magazine ACR Latin America.
• The EcoChange service includes all technical and economic studies for decision-making in the replacement of equipment and its financing.
• They have more than 1000 employees, especially in times of high demand
• They have the capacity to attend 200 projects simultaneously.