The big projects in which Multifrio participated in 2018

Enero 2019

Yearbook of Construction Build Central America and the Caribbean.

The Gran Hotel Costa Rica, Texas Tech University and AC Hotel by Marriott were some works where MultiFRIO provided the most innovative air conditioning solutions from the manufacturer Daikin

The MultiFRIO company, which has more than 22 years in the construction market and has pioneered the introduction of a comprehensive program for the study of existing air conditioners in order to analyze the spare part, which is called “EcoChange ”Making the best recommendations to its clients under the concept of“ Smart Investment ”offered different air conditioning solutions in large construction projects in 2018.

Some of the works that stand out are: The Gran Hotel Costa Rica, the AC Hotel by Marriott, El Cafetal Corporate Center, American Free Zone, and La Lima Free Zone, all located in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) of the country.

- The Gran Hotel Costa Rica and its systems

This work is located in the Costa Rican capital, was built in 1930 and was declared in 2004 historical-architectural heritage of Costa Rica. However, the previous year reopened its doors with modern facilities after a remodeling process that took several years and is now under the command of the Curio Collection by Hilton brand.

For this project, the company MultiFRIO provided ventilation, injection and air extraction systems, with its intelligent control system. Also VRV systems (variable volume of refrigerant) of the Daikin brand and its factory control system called iTouch Manger.

According to Mr. Salo Ponchner Geller, General Director of MultiFRIO, the solutions installed in the Grand Hotel are of the highest efficiency, which intelligently adjust to the needs and occupation of the hotel, sensors are also placed in critical areas to ensure quality of air in kitchens, parking, etc.

“The Gran Hotel will have great electrical savings and will give its guests personalized comfort with high precision equipment that not only controls the temperature very well, but also the humidity. In addition, they are extremely silent which ensures the comfort of the guest.

From the maintenance point of view, they are very friendly and easy-to-care equipment for their useful life that can exceed 15 years ”explained Ponchner.


-Texas Tech University, the first in the region

The university of American origin at Texas Tech, in 2018 inaugurated the first headquarters in the region, located on Avenida Escazú in Costa Rica. His philosophy is to learn and innovate.

This is the first satellite subsidiary of Texas Tech University, which is considered a very high-level research institution (Tier One). The university is known for its specialty in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and RHIM (restaurants, hotels and institutional administration).

For this project MultiFRIO was in charge of the air conditioning and provided ventilation, extraction and air injection system to ensure the best conditions of human health and air quality, with the highest standards worldwide.

“The air conditioning systems are VRV from Daikin, brand of this technology. In addition, a large number of exposed pipelines were installed, in a super modern design consistent with the university's image, ”said engineer Ponchner.

Gran Hotel Costa Rica
Total investment: US $ 750,000
Type of project: Hotelier
Location: San José
Technology: VRV system (Volume
Variable Refrigerant Volume)
Tons of Refrigeration: 350

The Gran Hotel Costa Rica was remodeled to become part of the Hilton hotel chain in its Curio brand as part of the world's historic hotels. This hotel is historical monuments of the world. This hotel is a historical-architectural monument, so it represented a special challenge both in its electromechanical design, air conditioning and ventilation and installation.

Texas Tech University
Total investment: US $ 1,000,000
Project Type:
Tons of refrigeration: 170
Location: Escazú Avenue
Technology: Variable Volume of Refrigerant, extraction hoods and injection fans, and extraction

Texas Tech University Costa Rica is the first satellite campus of Texas Tech University, a level one research institution. The University is known for its excellence in the degrees STEM (science, technology, Engineering and mathematics) and RHIM (restaurant, hotel and institution management).

- América Free Zone: Commercial City

It is considered a commercial city due to its attractive expansion offer, and it also houses several important multinational companies that contribute to the commercial and industrial development of the country.

As Ponchner explained, air conditioning systems, control systems for customers such as HP, Dell, Amazon, Auxis, Avionyx, Bayer, Bosch, Citrix, Cognizant, Experian, IBM, Intertec, NTT Data, Teradyne have been installed in this work , VMWare, etc.

America Free Zone
Total investment: US $ 12,000,000
Type of project: Industry, Offices, Commerce
Tons of Refrigeration: 5000
Location: Heredia
Technology: VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) BMS (Intelligent System for Building Management) Precision equipment, monoxide extraction systems, air handling unit.

The Zona Franca América is considered a commercial city due to its attractive expansion offer, and it also houses several important multinational companies that contribute to the commercial and industrial development of the country.

In the Zona Franca América, air conditioning, ventilation and control systems for clients such as HP, Dell, Amazon, Auxis, Avionyx, Bayer, Bosch, Citrix, Cognizant, Experian, IBM, Intertec, NTT Data, Teradyne have been installed , VMWare, etc.

- Hotel AC by Marriott, focused on the millennial market

The AC Hoteles by Marriott chain opened on September 28 a new hotel in the area of ​​Escazú, Costa Rica. This is the AC Hotel by Marriott Escazú, which has seven floors high, 122 rooms, four suits and five meeting rooms with a total of 2142 square feet of event space.

The role played by MultiFRIO was to offer a high-efficiency chilled water system (Chiller) for the entire hotel. The ducts are fan coil type for the rooms and modern exposed ducts for the common areas. There are state-of-the-art air injection and extraction systems and a BMS system was incorporated to control all the building's airs.

AC Marriott Hotel

Total investment US $ 1,500,000
Project Type Hotel
Tons of refrigeration: 200
Location: Escazú Avenue
Technology: Chiller system, air cooling unit.
BMS System (Building Management System) for the control of each room and each area of ​​the hotel.
The hotel is located on Avenida Escazú where an urban culture develops.

It has an interesting design with a mixture of modern and classic with European influence of open concept and new concepts of comfort.

- The Lima Free Zone: An innovative work

Garnie and Garnier Lima Free Zone Real estate developments, is the only real estate project in the country that combines both concept and industrial as well as business and services. The focus of this work is the attraction of advanced manufacturing companies, life sciences, logistics centers and services, among other areas. It is a project with a commercial life of approximately 15 years.

The Garnier group invited MultiFRIO to participate in the design and engineering of one of the first buildings in La Lima, Heraeus Medical Components.

“Daikin brand package systems of 50 tons of refrigeration each were used. The fans are variable speed and inverter compressors to ensure quiet operation and low power consumption. ” Mr. Ingchner explained.

He also commented that electrical efficiency, comfort, optimization of the design to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio, low noise, equipment on the outskirts of the building for easy access and efficient maintenance, are some of the advantages